Is Your Business Using Contingent Labor to it’s Advantage?

How can a contingent workforce work for you?

Have you assessed your 2020 workforce needs? Do you have projects in the new year that could benefit from additional talent? Using contingent labor can help your company succeed, if you’re using it the right way.

1. What Are the Costs?

While there is a service fee for your contingent workers, all costs are absorbed by our staffing company. We handle all of the sourcing, recruiting and prescreening processes. Contingent staff will also not receive benefits or paid time off from your organization, saving you money in the long run.

2. Is Your Workforce Flexible?

Contingent employees are looking for flexibility in the workforce. They are looking for schedules that fit into their lifestyle. This is the perfect resource when you’re looking to bring someone on board for a short period of time.

3. Project Deadlines?

Need to add talent quickly?  If your project is in need of additional hours to ensure its success, there may be a significant benefit to working with a contingent workforce rather than hiring more internal employees or expecting your current staff to put in the overtime.

4. Job-Boards not Producing the Right Talent?

Are you in need of talent on incredibly short notice. We can work with you to find someone with the right background who can step into the role quickly and help get your company through crunch time.

5. Will You Find Hidden Talent?

Bonus! There is always the possibility that throughout working with a contingent employee you’ll meet someone who will be a great permanent fit for your organization.  Some contingent workers may be looking for a new role, so it’s worth the discussion to see if you can add their talent to your team?

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